Model-Based Testing Tool

GraphWalker is a tool for generating offline and online test sequences from Finite State Machines and Extended Finite State Machines.

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Get in touch with other users on IRC. Use, channel #graphwalker. There's a webclient.

The main features of GraphWalker are:

  • No UML

    GraphWalker's own ruleset in conjunction with GraphML, is easier to get started with than UML. As testers, we do not need all functionality that UML has to offer.
  • No exit/stop points

    The idea behind this, is that we want long, unpredictable test sequences. We do not want to walk the same path every time we execute a test. We want variation, spiced with randomness. This will create a better 'test coverage' of the system under test.
    The way to tell GraphWalker to stop generating test sequences are done by means of Stop Criterias, passed as arguments to the tool.
  • Online

    GraphWalker supports online test sequence generation. Using the online mode, the tool is capable of  testing non-deterministic systems. In essence, this means that the path walked through the model is decided runtime, during the actual test execution. This is very helpful if your test execution tool needs to communicate with the model during the test.
  • Jump between models

    GraphWalker supports switching models when traversing them. This enables re-usage of models and implemented code. See model switching article.

GraphWalker is to used to be at The source code is now at github

Page Updated  November 15th, 2013